Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Spring Meets Fall Dragonflies" ~ Almost done!

"Spring Meets Fall Dragonflies"
Dana Marie

Almost done! I was cruising right along, simply enjoying the ride when I notice something in the background I just don't like. My answer to to my "problem" seems to have created a bigger background problem! lol I was so close. ;) Now to remedy the background prob while still maintaining the detail in the piece. I haven't painted in "pastels" for so long it seems foreign to me. ;) Wish me luck! ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Progression of Dragonfly Painting, "Spring Meets Fall Dragonflies"


I did not plan out "Spring Meets Fall Dragonflies", though I did use my datebook as inspiration for this piece. I've allowed the piece to just unfold and this is how it has progressed thus far.

10" X 10", Acrylic on Stretched Canvas.

With Love,
Dana Marie

Monday, September 24, 2007

On the Easel

The above painting, currently named "Spiral Leaves" is acrylic on a 24" X 18" canvas. The idea for this painting has swayed from the original sketch I made for this piece, however, I truly like the direction it took.

The above painting, currently named "Flight of Fancy" is acrylic on a 24" X 18" canvas. This too is unfinished, thus the reason it is still on an easel. ;) I plan to change the flower in the piece as well as add more to the "branch" to anchor it into the painting. I don't really like how it seems to just float there, as it is now.

This unnamed Calla Lilly piece is acrylic on a 18" X 24" canvas. Even though, this piece is basically done, the colors in the upper right are just not quite right.

Sunday, September 23, 2007



If you have yet to notice, I have an affinity towards dragonflies.

I love watching them soar through the air as they dance their dance. At our new home, I've have had the pleasure of watching an incredible amount them flying right out in our yard this summer.

With Love,
~ Dana Marie

Dragonfly Painting ~ In the Making

In the Making!

Yes, this yet another unfinished project, but wanted to share with you what's up at least one of my easels. *g*

I know, another dragonfly piece! Dragonflies are in the air this month. *g*

This is an acrylic 10" X 10".

I will post more pictures of this one as it progresses.

Original Dragonfly Journal

I have yet to finish this journal, but this is what I've done so far.

I've created this large 10 1/2 inch by 8 inch journal using acrylic and sand.

After creating my dragonfly datebook I decided I would create a journal (or two or three or...) so I began creating this dragonfly journal. I wanted to create a "dreamy" type feeling to it.

Just recently I joined a yahoo group called "Imagination Tribe", which is coincidentally having an altered journal trade. I didn't intially feel I had time to finish a journal for the trade, but I began this one just in case it turned out as I had hoped within the time I had to finish the journal by the date they were to be sent. The due date for the this trade is Oct 1st and since I'm still not done with this journal, I don't think this journal will be ready for this particular trade. I'm still glad I started the journal.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Handpainted Dragonfly Datebook

Datebook ~ "Dragonfly Paradise"

This is a datebook that I painted. It was one of those complimentary gifts from some company that my husband received that he was going to throw away. So, instead of letting it end up in the garbage, I sanded the front of the page, and painted it with acrylics and added a gloss varnish over it.

I enjoyed painting the cover of this little book that I've decided I would like to create some journals, as well.

~ Dana Marie