Monday, October 8, 2012

Beautiful Script in Handcrafted Items

Here are some of the beautiful script items I have in My Favorites at Etsy.




I have a project that I'm working in which I use script. 
I can't wait to share it here when I'm done! 
It's unlike anything I've done before. 
I purchased the materials not knowing what I'd being creating and I was pleased with what I've morphed it into.
I hope to have it finished soon.  Along with all the other projects!  ;)
 Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
Dana Marie

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Inspirations by Faith said...

Hi Dana :) Thank you for the include. I am tickled that you like my work so much. I noticed that one of the sellers you have posted- ironically above my votive, is actually a seller who stole my photograph and was claiming to sell my design shown here: (The French stamped clothespins). As a fellow artist, I am sure you can understand how frustrating this can be. Would you possibly consider editing your blog to give rightful credit to my listing? I will happily promote your blog on my social media sites once that is fixed. Thank you again, and have a wonderful holiday season!