Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Art Catch Up

This post may be a tad on the long side as these should have been several posts instead of one.  But, you know the old saying, "Better late than never!"

Where to begin?  How about the new or reworked Original Wearable Art pieces?

"Filled with Joy"
Original Dana Marie Wearable Art
"A Time for Learning"
Original Dana Marie Wearable Art

"Peace and Happiness"
Original Dana Marie Wearable Art

Now on to Art Challenges

Artistic Sentiments"Falling in Love"
Photograph by Dana Marie


Jean-Michel Gruet


"Tickle My Fancy" 
by Dana Marie

Sold and is going to a wonderful home!

I forgot - Rendition Me This

 "Seek Love" by Dana Marie

Send your entries to danamarieart@gmail.com

I think that's it!  

Have a wonderful day and Happy Creating!

~ Dana Marie


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