Monday, December 15, 2008


Photograph by Dana Marie

This is the photograph I have posted for this weeks' inspiration picture of the week over at "Inspiration All Around Us"

This was not my first pick, though, I do love this photograph. I took it last year of this humming bird attracking beauty hanging on my porch at our old house in Lincoln City, Oregon. This weeks photo was to be one or both of my lighted lawn deers in the snow, however, the photographs did not turn out as I'd hoped. I will try again and I may end up posting two pictures for this week. However, if that does not happen, hope you enjoy this one.

Please, come join us!
Simply send your email address to me at with "Inspiration All Around Us" in the subject line. Again, this is not just for artists that paint, I would love for all types of artists that creates something they can share with the blog.

Have a beautiful day!

~ Dana Marie

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