Monday, December 15, 2008

"Strength by Love" ~ A Gift to a Mother

"Strength by Love"
I had mentioned in a previous blog post about a woman, Meaghan , who has created "Giving Gifts Warms the Heart". This program which is setup so that those who are drawn to do so can give something they created in which they then can send it to someone who is battling cancer and need their spirits lifted.

I decided to send this piece out to a mother who has a 5 year old son who is battling cancer. As a mother of a wonderful son, my heart went out to this lady and I will be sending this piece to her in the next couple days. I wish I could do more, but I truly hope this at least brings a smile across her face.

Note: If you know someone that you would like to add to the list or if you would like to give, please, email Meaghan at
I have known several cancer surivors and I know something like this would touch their heart for years to come.

~ Dana Marie


Luventigger said...

I am the wonderfully lucky recipient of the "I found my wings" angel pendant shown below. Dana Marie, you made an absolutely beautiful piece that I was overjoyed to receive. I began taking pictures with my phone and sending them to my family and friends. Thank you for the gift, it has touched me when I needed it most!

Dana Marie said...


I'm thrilled your necklace made it safely and you are enjoying it! It was absolutely wonderful to have read your post here today...thank *YOU* for brightening my day! :)

Hope your holidays are filled with much love!

~ Dana Marie

Meaghan said...

Okay I could not be HAPPIER right now! Seriously I am in tears. This moment is worth a million dollars! THIS is exactly why I started my project. THIS is priceless and will remain in my heart forever! I think I am the luckiest person on earth and its funny because I have cancer to thank, bet that pisses the big C off :)


Dana Marie said...


You are just too sweet! :)

You are doing such a wonderful job at touching so many people, it truly is a beautiful thing!

~ Dana