Friday, April 13, 2012

Rendition Me This Art Challenge - Le Femme - Work in Progress

"Le Femme" - Original Dana Marie Wearable Art Piece

"Le Femme" - Original Dana Marie Wearable Art Piece

I created this piece for the Rendition Me This art Challenge - Le Femme.  I'm not sure why I went this direction as it's not what I had in mind before I began painting, but once I began painting this is what I had imagined.  I would like to paint another, as well, but with looser circler strokes for the tree foliage.

I'm not sure if you can tell that the upper and lower part of this piece have different color under lays.  The upper portion is sky blue as the lower portion is aqua and overlayed with yellow ochre and cream.

I hope to finish it soon now that I can see what I would like to change.  :)

Work in Progress -

Update: The piece is now complete and has been uploaded to the art challenge.    I will be taking more photos of the painting and putting up for sell on Etsy.

Come join in on the challenge at Rendition Me This!

Happy Creating!

~ Dana Marie

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