Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Featured Artist on EBSQ & Some New Wearable Art Pieces

I went to EBSQ to my porfolio to find that I'm one of the three Artists being featured right now.  :)

Hopefully, if the photographs turned out, I will be back soon to upload 4 new Original Wearable Art pieces.

The above piece may look familiar to some of you as I used "Seek Love" (below) a sold piece as inspiration.

I have two more to go....both bird pieces, however, it looks like the photographs of one of them didn't come out well enough.  I'll try again on that one.

I don't watch much tv, but as I do this I'm half watching and listenting to The Voice..... I hadn't even heard of it before, but I'm loving the performances. :)

Okay, I guess I'm done for the night....the other is not ready either.  I'm seeing things in the photograph that I'm not liking that I'm not seeing in the painting it's....I'll have take a look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow.  :)

This last piece is actually a piece I was going to send to a customer that had her purse stolen and her wearable art piece was inside so I'm trying to repaint it for her. 

Much Love,
~ Dana Marie

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*Note: All my artworks and photographs are my property and are not be used by anyone without my consent.

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