Monday, June 13, 2011

"The Way of the Universe" & "Tao Garden" ~ Original Dana Marie Wearable Art

The top piece, "The Way of the Universe" is a reworked piece which was a crow piece that I had done awhile back, but it wanted a change so I gave it one.  ;)

"Tao Garden" is one that I started awhile ago, but I hadn't finished it until today.  The colors were difficult to capture in this one.  Believe me I tried and tried! :)  The dragonflies are a light periwinkle color.  And even though these are softer colors the piece in person is a bit more vibrant than I was able to get the image to show.

I have backgrounds started on six new pieces...they are all inspired by larger works of mine.  I think you may recognize some of them! 

I also started four others that will have crackle backgrounds so they are in the early stages still, but they too will be inspired by larger paintings I've created and sold already.

I'll be back with those soon!  :)

I wanted to share with you two pictures I took at Foster Lake in Sweet Home, Oregon that I took a couple weeks ago.

I wish I would had taken pictures when we first drive into this park (I can't recall the name of the park) because as you enter you drive over a bridge, with the lake on both sides, and off to one end there was probably 4 or 5 canoers out in the water with mist dancing over the water.  It was stunning!

Until next time....

Have a beautiful day and as always, happy Creating!  

Much Love,
~ Dana Marie  

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*Note: All my artworks and photographs are my property and are not be used by anyone without my consent.

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