Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Painting "Dreams & Wishes" is being Featured in this Beautiful Treasury

Let Your Soulshine!

Treasury at Etsy

My painting, "Dreams & Wishes," is being featured in this lovely treasury by terrarusticadesign


I have so much to do and no oomph to do it!  :)

I have oh so many emails to respond to, some weeks old (sorry everyone, I really got behind!).

I have several paintings to finish.

I really need to work on my website - Right now I have both the old gallery websites merged and cut...what a mess!  I have HOURS upon HOURS of work on that alone.

Oh and I think it's about time I change my "art banner" as it doesn't really represent my current style.  The paintings in the blog banner have to be at least 6 years old, I've taken a few turns (for better or for worse ;) ) since then.

Not to mention I want to paint my living room walls and finish the ceiling color.

What else?  Oh I haven't even gotten started....this is the SHORT list!  LOL

Perhaps I should make a  triple shot of espresso!  :)

Much Love,
~ Dana Marie

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